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Based in the iconic coastal community of Malibu, CA. Red Ink Brand is a team of creatives with an extensive background in in such diverse industries as fashion, beauty, independent film, sports, entertainment, technology, business, environmental, hospitality and philanthropy. We are all entrepreneurs, understanding the unique nature of this world, applying our indiviual and passionate experience for the success of your brand and/or company.

What We Do

In the world of branding there is nothing more thrilling than a rebel streak. At Red Ink Brand we carry a little more maverick-punk sensibility than most creative agencies do and we are at our most creative when we unleash it with our brands.


Brand Purposing
Brand Purposing is a proprietary process developed by Red Ink Brand. This unique and powerful strategy, lead by our Masters educated consultant, will birth and seed your brand. The program is tailored to create a strong, well rounded foundation for your business. Often an overlooked process in the anatomy of a brand, the Brand Purposing Session is extremely important in setting the stage for your brand's full development, allowing for long term sustainable success.
Branding and Marketing
Red ink Brand Purposing Session, Branding and Re-Branding, On going Brand Consultation for life of the project (typically 90 days), Market Differentiation and Strategic Positioning, Market Assessment and Competitive Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Social Media setup and management, Social Media Content Creation, Video Production, Growth Analysis and Implementation, Monthly Digital Media Maintenance.
Web and Identity Design
Custom Logo, Custom Wordpress or HTML Website, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Content Styling Services, SEO Consultation
Business Devevlopment Consulting
Business Development Plan and Implementation, Strategic Marketing Planning and Implementation, Positioning and branding, exercises, Sales Strategy Consulting, Distribution Strategy, Philanthropic Outreach Consulting
Branded Editorial and Advertising
Branded Editorial/ Customs Ad Creation in one or both of our publications: The Local Malibu: thelocalmalibu.com / issuu.com/thelocalmalibu, 90265 Malibu Magazine: malibu90265magazine.com / issuu.com/90265magazine
Additonal Services & Support
Social Media monthly maintenance packages, Business Plan Development, One-Page Business Development, Reputation Management

Our Team

Cece Woods
Addison Altendorf
Christy Calafati
Brand Strategy
Diana Nicholson
Wellness Expert

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