For decades, the iconic coastal town of Malibu, CA. has been known for it's celebrity residents and southern California surf culture. The Red Ink Brand creative team decided to create 90265 Magazine to fill the void missing by other local and global publications and celebrate diverse personalities that often get overlooked and bypassed by traditional media. 90265 Magazine celebrates the artists, farmers, philanthropists and activists that also that make this town so special.


The Red Ink Brand team created the high quality publication distributed exclusively in Malibu with an extensive online reach through our digital publishing partner Issuu.com, who picked 90265 Magazine as one of the faces of "the future of digital publishing". Our evergreen content is timeless and each issue is collectible.


After an almost 2 year print hiatus evaluating where the publishing industry was headed, and with overwhelming demand, 90265 Magazine returns to print with the re-release of the "DevOcean" issue, focusing on ocean conservation and featuring prominent, longtime Malibu resident, businessman and philanthropist John Paul DeJoria. The DevOcean issue releases mid July 2016 in digital with print releasing late July.